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Spiral Charger Cable Protector Data Cable Saver Charging Cords Protective for All Universal Earphone & Cable Cover


Completely Protect All Cables: Spiral Tuber Charging Cable Protector are designed with highly flexible silicone and can be used as phone charger cord protector to completely protect cables for all devices including, cell phones, computers, laptops, apple / android watches, lightning cables, pc’s, the list goes on and on.


Prevent your Cable Ends from Ever Breaking or Detaching Again: Besides protecting all Your USB cables / cords, Spiral Tuber Charging Cable Protector feels surprisingly nice and is fun to install on any wires end. Use it as your headphone cord protector or charger cable cover. Simply touching it can relieve your stress too! Yet, even better, the BKN Cable Protector looks super cool.


Tired of Replacing your Lighting Cables: Spiral Tube charging Cable protector is your permanent fix to all those damaged cables. It perfectly works as a cable strain relief or a critter cord so you won't have to deal with cable repair and frayed wires.


One-Step Installation: Easily Wrap the cable protector onto Your preferred cable within seconds.


Compatability: Suitable for all types of cables and cords like charger, earphone, headphone etc.


Flexible silicone

Made of heat-resistant silicone, which is highly flexible and bendable. Protect your cables well.

Made of flexible silicone

For phone charger saver and cable protector

Well, protect cables/cords for cell phones, computers, laptops, mouse cables from fraying or breaking.


Easy to Install

Wrap and twist the cable protector from one end onto the cable root

Twist and finish to cover the cable root


For Home & Office

Well, fit for home & office cable cord protection.

Completely protect cables for all devices including cell phones, computers, laptops, apple/android watches, lightning cables, and more.


Note: No Returns on Sale or Wholesale Items


SKU: Wire_protector_HDS05
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